Cap Times: Rebecca Kemble for Madison District 18

Published: March 28, 2015

Written by: Rebecca Kemble 

Last fall when I made the decision to run for alder of District 18, it was not one I took lightly. I’m deeply concerned about how state policy has undermined the ability of working families in our community to take care of their needs, the ability of local communities to set their own standards such as fair housing and living wage rules, and about how catastrophic budget cuts to public education and state aids to local governments have shifted the burdens to local property taxpayers, while making it more difficult for us to deliver the excellent public services Madison has always enjoyed.

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Cap Times : Our endorsements for City Council

Published in Cap Times: March 31, 2015

Written By: Cap Times Editorial Staff

The Madison City Council needs some new blood. While a number of fine incumbents — we have been particularly impressed with the work of Ledell Zellers (District 2), Shiva Bidar-Sielaff (5), Marsha Rummel (6), Paul Skidmore (9) and David Ahrens (15) — will be re-elected without opposition, the April 7 ballot includes several contests for open seats and several more where incumbents face able challengers. Our endorsements this year are made with an eye toward bringing fresh ideas, greater diversity and progressive values to the council.

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North Side needs Kemble on council -- Ald. Anita Weier

See this wonderful endorsement letter by Alder Anita Weier!

Also check below the fold for a direct link to the article!

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Madison Plan Commission Chair endorses Rebecca!

Check out this endorsement letter from Ken Opin, Madison Plan Commission Chair!

Link and quote below the fold!

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Kemble best for North Side, says Fmr. Ald. Rhodes-Conway

Here's an endorsement letter by Former Alder Satya Rhodes-Conway for Rebecca! Link and a quote below the fold!

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See Rebecca's League of Women Voters Questionnaire Answers!

At this page, you can see Rebecca's answers, as well as a variety of Madison candidates' answers, to pressing questions from the Dane County League of Women Voters about the upcoming election! 

You can see one of Rebecca's answers below the fold!

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Cap Times on Rebecca's Race in District 18!

Check out this article reviewing the District 18 race including Rebecca's experience and a great quote from current Alder Anita Weier below!

"I believe she’s accomplished a lot in the community and is very dedicated and hard-working. She cares about the north side."

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Guardian: Wisconsin progressives size up political landscape after union defeats

“We had this mass uprising, three weeks of people coming from all over the state and occupying the state capitol building”

-Rebecca Kemble

Earlier this month, Rebecca was mentioned in an article by the Guardian. It's a good article looking at the progressive, pro-worker activism landscape after the signing of so-called 'right-to-work' in Wisconsin, so while her quotes are near the end of the article, please read through its entirety. It's inspiring to see the world take notice of progressive organizing done here at home!

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Some thoughts from fellow residents!

Check out some endorsement quotes from District 18 residents below the fold! These are pretty cool, if I may say so myself!

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Why I support Rebecca

Hi neighbors, and friends!

My name is Colin and I’m helping with the campaign to make Rebecca Kemble the next alder for your district, the 18th District in our home of Madison! I thought it good to share a story helps explain why I support Rebecca and think she has what it takes to be an outstanding alder for your and your family.

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