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Mayoral candidate Satya Rhodes-Conway and District 18 Alder Rebecca Kemble

Thank you for your support!  

I am more committed than ever to serve District 18 and the City of Madison with cooperation, transparency, honesty and integrity.

I'm running again to represent District 18 on the Madison Common Council for a third term in the April 2, 2019 spring election.

I've developed as an Alder with the help of constituents and community activists who have challenged, supported and continuously engaged with me on matters large and small related to the well-being of our community over the past four years. 

Over my first two terms in office I've served on more than a dozen committees.  I have worked on issues ranging from reorganization of the City's Transportation Department and Jobs TIF policy to neighborhood and housing stability and evaluating the structure of City government.

Through my committee work and votes on the Council I've worked hard - sometimes against the grain - to ensure that the City's actions are aligned with our democratically established policies, community standards and principles. I look forward to continuing this work with a new council - and a new Mayor.

I'm thrilled to endorse Satya Rhodes-Conway for Mayor in the upcoming February 19, 2019 primary.  We need leaders who are prepared and able to implement concrete solutions to address the impacts of climate chaos, promote racial equity, keep housing affordable, build a people-centered transportation system and lead on other issues that matter to working families. Satya's experience on the Common Council and as Director of the Mayor's Innovation Project combined with her strong and collaborative work ethic and familiarity with the inner workings of the city make her uniquely qualified to be Madison's next Mayor.  

With new leadership at the mayoral level, we will have the opportunity to align council priorities with executive action in a cooperative manner. I look forward to contributing my leadership skills to help shape a city where everyone has the opportunity thrive.

Check for your polling location below (By Ward)

Remember! Polls open at 7am and close at 8pm.

 Ward 34              - Warner Park Community Rec Center, 1625 Northport Drive

Wards 35 & 36 - Mendota School, School Road between Northport Drive and Troy Drive

Ward 37               - Lindbergh School, 4500 Kennedy Road

Ward 38               - Blackhawk/Gompers Schools, 1402 Wyoming Way


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    Rebecca, Former County Supervisor Dorothy Wheeler


    Here's what others are saying about Rebecca's candidacy:

    “Rebecca will bring her knowledge and experience as a small business owner and leader of workers to inspire economic development on the Northside.” - Dorothy Wheeler, Former County Board Supervisor

    "Rebecca will be an excellent alder for the Northside. She is an intelligent, honest, caring person who gets things done because she works hard. To come into her home is to be welcomed warmly with friendship and humor by a loving family." - Anita Weier, Current District 18 Alder

    "Rebecca understands the importance of creating positive and educational opportunities for young people in our community. I'm proud to endorse her candidacy for Madison's Common Council." - Michele Ritt, Current County Board Supervisor

    "Rebecca Kemble could be the poster girl for the slogan “If you don’t like your neighborhood, don’t move—change it!”  She is that special kind of person who doesn’t just talk about things that need to be done, she organizes the crew." - Dan and Char Tortorice, District 18 residents

    "Rebecca Kemble is both principled and practical. She has deep ties to her district and a demonstrated ability to work cooperatively to build the inclusive, vibrant communities that make us proud of our neighborhoods, our businesses, our schools and our city." - Margaret Bergamini, City of Madison Transit and Parking Commission 

    "Rebecca has the energy and commitment to help build a new economy for Madison that is based on resiliency, democracy, cooperation. She works from the grass roots up and will provide space for the voices of the 18th district to be heard and help develop creative solutions to the challenges facing Madison." - John McNamara, former Business Manager, Union Cab Cooperative

    "Rebecca has been a committed and passionate individual pouring her energy toward building resilient, local economies that support family and community. With the understanding as both a business owner and economic justice advocate, Rebecca would be an amazing asset to the people of District 18." - Ricardo Nuñez, Attorney, Sustainable Economies Law Center

    "Rebecca will be a great alder. She’s smart, hard working, and committed to the Northside. Her experience as a small businesswoman and in the international cooperative movement will be invaluable as the Council works to strengthen and diversify the City’s economy. I’m confident she’ll promote equity and more inclusive economic development for the Northside and all of Madison." -Satya Rhodes-Conway, Former Madison Alder

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    Here are some of Rebecca's Supporters!


    • South Central Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
    • AFSCME
    • Madison Teachers, Inc.
    • Progressive Dane
    • Democratic Party of Dane County
    • Four Lakes Green Party
    • Cab Drivers for Madison Safety

    Elected and former elected officials:

    • Chris Taylor, State Assembly Representative, Madison
    • Lisa Subeck, State Assembly Representative, Madison
    • Terese Berceau, State Assembly Representative, Madison
    • Gary Goyke, former State Senator, Madison
    • Ada Deer, former Bureau of Indian Affiairs head and Chair of Menominee Restoration Committee
    • Anita Weier, current District 18 Alder
    • Marsha Rummel, current District 15 Alder
    • Dave Ahrens, current District 8 Alder
    • Brian Benford, former Alder
    • Brenda Konkel, former Alder
    • Satya Rhodes-Conway, former Alder
    • Al Matano, Dane County Supervisor
    • Michele Ritt, Dane County Supervisor
    • Leland Pan, Dane County Supervisor
    • Heidi Wegleitner, Dane County Supervisor
    • Dorothy Wheeler, former Dane County Supervisor
    • Echnaton Vedder, former Dane County Supervisor
    • Arlene Silveira, President, MMSD School Board
    • TJ Mertz, MMSD School Board
    • Marj Passman, former MMSD School Board
    • Carol Carstensen, former MMSD School Board
    • Ken Opin, Chair, Madison Plan Commission 
    • David Newby, former AFL-CIO Wisconsin President
    • Bert Zipperer, former Alder

    District 18 Residents

    • Adam Chern
    • Amanda Larson
    • Amber Ault
    • Autumn Neugent
    • Barbara Baumgartner
    • Ben & Doneal Schafman
    • Benjamin Pierce
    • Beverly & Dale Schultz
    • Cecilia Sago
    • Char Tortorice
    • Cheri Maples
    • Chris Garrett
    • Chris Moore
    • Chuck Smalley
    • Clare Norelle
    • Connie Palmer-Smalley
    • Dan Bowden
    • David Cohen
    • David & Olesya Melnikova
    • Deanne & Keith Ketterer
    • Denys Griggs
    • Diane Walder
    • Donna Burgette
    • Donna Hilgendorf
    • Dorothy Wheeler
    • Esty Dinur
    • Glenda Johnson
    • Helen LeRoy
    • James Westring
    • Jan Axelson
    • Jan Silvers
    • Janet & Robert Miner
    • Janna Lewis
    • Jason Newbury
    • Jeffrey Lewis
    • Jim & Maria Powell
    • Joan & Tom Kemble
    • Jody & Amer Arafat
    • Joe Slosarczyk
    • Judy Raebel-McKinley
    • Justin Sargent
    • Karen Jaeger
    • Katie & Adam Corbin
    • Katie & Jon Hoel
    • Kerry Simmons
    • Kibuna Nyoike
    • Kurt Rotzoll
    • Laurie Warren-Jones
    • Lisa Wiese 
    • Loretta & Dan Swadley
    • Lori Kief
    • Margaret & Robert Okane
    • Martha Kemble
    • Math Heinzel
    • Meg Bowden
    • Michal Necker
    • Michele Ritt
    • Mike McCabe
    • Nelson Eisman
    • Nicky Berg
    • Pamela Willinski
    • Pat Calchina
    • Pat Tully
    • Patty Sommer 
    • Pete Caro
    • Pris Herman
    • Rebecca Congo
    • Ronald McKinley
    • Ronald Redeaux
    • Scott Inman
    • Skip Garrett
    • Steve & Kay Fiene
    • Sue Hessel
    • Susan Fadness
    • Tess Meuer
    • Tim & Julie Botham

     Other individuals

    • Adam Schwartz
    • Amelia Royko Maurer
    • Amy Johnson
    • Anne Reynolds
    • Audrey Malan
    • Betsy Wilcox
    • Brian Warnecke
    • Carrie "Chaous" Riddle
    • Chris Mackin
    • Colin Bowden
    • Courtney Berner
    • Damon Terrell
    • Dawn Matlak
    • Echnaton Vedder
    • Edward Kuharski
    • Elaine Pridgen
    • Emily Lippold Cheney
    • Genie Ogden
    • Grant & Jen Foster
    • Greg Brown
    • Heather Ault
    • PT Bjerke
    • Jacki Thomas
    • Jackie Woodruff
    • Jen Gaber
    • Judy Ziewicz
    • Julio Flores
    • Justice Castaneda
    • Karen & Michael Brody
    • Kate & Tom Heiber-Cobb
    • Kathleen Kennedy Steffen
    • Kathy Bauer
    • Katie Reeder
    • Kevin Gundlach
    • Kristen Nelson
    • Kristin Forde
    • Laura Chern
    • Lesleigh Luttrell
    • Maggie Thomas
    • Margaret Bau
    • Margaret Bergamini
    • Margaret Lund
    • Marnie Thompson
    • Martin Alvarado
    • Martina Ripon
    • Mary Hoyer
    • Mary Yeater Rathburn
    • Meghan Walsh & Mark Huth
    • Michael Chronister
    • Mitchell Nussbaum
    • Molly Noble
    • Nicole Desautels
    • Norm Littlejohn
    • Parker Palmer
    • Pat Dibiase & Allen Ruff
    • Patricia K. Hammel
    • Paul & Mari Jo Buhle
    • Peggy Coyne
    • Peggy Koenig
    • Peter Murphy
    • Ross Tennant
    • Russell Brown
    • Ruth Conniff
    • Ryan Wherley
    • Sally DeBroux
    • Sarah Kemble
    • Sheila & John Young
    • Steve Herrick & Juscha Robinson
    • Sue Breckenridge
    • Sue Trace
    • Susan Pastor
    • Teddy Shibabaw
    • Tim Riley
    • Karin Schmidt
    • Will & Dot Williams

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